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Batemans Bay Tennis Academy PRO Shop provides extensive resources to enhance your tennis game. Rob Frawley has superior knowledge to help you with the best equipment for your game.

Tennis Racquet Maintenance & Restringing Services

Rob Frawley Tennis Coach at Batemans Bay Tennis Centre provides professional tennis restringing service. Rob is qualified to restring racquets at a professional level. Rob offers restringing service on an electric machine with an incredibly high accuracy in tension. (keeping it basic) Rob has a huge variety of stringing options available. Strings to suit power games, touch games, people with arm and shoulder issues and all standards of players. Restringing tennis racquets costs between $40 to $70

Tennis Racquet Sales

Tennis Racquets can be ordered from numerous companies and brands. Rather than buying just any racquet, Rob can assess you and your game to ensure that you have a winning match to your needs …(pun intended)! The racquet is crucial to your game. Understanding weight, size, length, grip size, balance,

Racquet Bags, Accessories and More…

Racquet Bags, Accessories and many more items specific to the world of tennis can be arranged by Tennis Coach Rob Frawley at Batemans Bay Tennis Courts. For further information, please make contact.

Batemans Bay Tennis Academy with Rob Frawley – Batemans Bay Tennis Courts

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