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About our Tennis Academy

Rob Frawley welcomes people of all ages and experience levels to come share his love for Tennis here at Batemans Bay Tennis Courts. Rob coaches from other Centres on request and can deliver his programs in local schools and other suitable venues.

Rob Frawley Coach and Founder of the Academy offers world class coaching, equipment and resources for loving tennis, enhancing training and competition strategies.

“Rob’s coaching is dynamic, inspiring and a life enhancing gift to both junior and adult players.”

Participation in Tennis with Rob Frawley

We understand the importance of teamwork and how being part of a team can help you perform better.

All of our tennis community benefit from being together, as well as understanding healthy competition.

Under Rob Frawley’s Leadership and mentoring all ages and abilities thrive in their tennis life.

We’d love to have you join us.

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Coach Rob Frawley
Hanging Rock Complex

53 Beach Rd, Batemans Bay NSW 2536
0419 407 945

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